Nosema & Honey Bees

Nosema is a disease found in the gut of honey bees.  Nosema apis and N. ceranea are fungal pathogens that infect the gut of honey bees and can cause dysentery and death.  Because the spores are so small, Nosema can only be detected using a microscope.


Diagnose Your Hives
Are you a beekeepers in New Hampshire?  Learn how to collect data and submit samples to contribute to our citizen science projects.  Learn more about your colonies, their health, and know what to look for during inspections.  

Suspect Nosema?

There's now a free resource for you to diagnose your hives.

Nosema can only be identified using a microscope and with the proper training.  A network of trained volunteers in New Hampshire are ready to help you diagnose your honey bees.

How It Works

  1. Complete the online submission form

  2. Collect a sample of bees following the Sampling Instructions​

  3. Mail in your sample or attend a local club meeting

  4. Receive your results via email