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Tar Paper Wrap
Bee Cozy
Colony Quilt
Bee Cozy & Colony Quilt

As beekeepers we hear many theories about how we should wrap our hives for winter.   This study will use try to gain insight into the question "How does the type of wrap affect the inside temperature of the colony and bee movement?".

Colonies of similar strength will be wrapped in different materials including:

   - Bee cozy

   - Colony Quilt

   - Polystyrene

   - tar paper

   - Bee cozy + colony quilt

   - Unwrapped

Temperature & Humidity will be measured in these locations:

   - between the wrap & woodenware

   - in the middle of the colony

   - at the top of the colony

In addition there will be a temp sensor in the apiary to measure the daily outside temp.

Please check back frequently as we will be adding participants Live Stream Data to this page as it becomes available.

Scroll down in the window below to see an example (the temp & moisture data takes a minute to load)

If you have any questions, please send an email to

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