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The NH Healthy Hive theme for April 2019-Mar 2020 is

"Varroa Mite testing".   Whether you use commercial

treatments for managing varroa mites or not, it is important

to do regular testing in order to understand the mite

load in each hive.

What Does the Project Entail?

The goal of this project is follow the enrolled hives over a

12 month period tracking monthly (May-->Oct) mite test

data, along with other optional information such as if the

hive swarmed, if commercial treatments were used, and

whether the hive survived the winter. 

This data would be used in conjunction with the hive loss & dead out autopsy information to better understand why NH hive loss is so high.  Analysis Results will be published regularly

​​How Do I Participate?

Participation is easy!   Simply download the tracking sheet  and do a monthly mite test by either sugar roll or alcohol wash (It is OK if you miss a month).  Once you start collecting data submit the information either on-line, via email or USPS at any interval that is convenient for you

In addition to recording your counts, the tracking sheet allows you to record some other basic information about the hive such as if you did any commercial varroa treatments, if the hive swarmed, etc

You can also sign up for email updates about the project below


How Do I Do a Sugar Roll or Alcohol Wash?


Please see the videos on the varroa Mite testing FAQ page.   

Also, you can contact your local bee club with questions.

Questions?  email:

Varroa Mites

Submit Your Data

 US Mail:

Mite Test Results

PO Box 250

Gilmanton, NH 03237

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