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My Hive was dead in January, is there anything I should do between now and when I can get to the apiary to do the CSI?

The one thing that can be helpful is to take a sample of the dead bees and either do an alcohol wash and nosema count while the bees are "fresh". See below about why it is good do to a mite count.

What does Deformed Wing Look Like?

This picture is courtesy of the Bayer BeeCare Website

Note the crumbled wings.



What does K-Wing Look Like?

When a bee has "K-Wing", its wings on 1 side  are disjointed and appear to be perpendicular to each other


search for "K-Wing"

How do I get my dead bees checked for Nosema?

Just submit a sample to the NH Nosema diagnostic network.  We recommend first doing an alcohol wash in order to get a mite count.

Why  do a mite count on dead bees?

Doing a mite check on deadbees can be very enlightening as to why your hive perished.  The picture to the right shows a mite check on dead bees from a hive that was treated in August/Sept, and had a low mite count after treatment.  Obviously, in the fall they were re-infested (all of the red round dots are mites)!


How do I do a mite count on my dead bees?

Doing an alcohol wash is the best way to get a mite count.  Instructional videos are here:

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