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NO Slatted Rack, Lower Entrance Only (Sask2)

County:  Belknap

Bee Race:  Saskatraz

Source:  Overwintered colony (2021 package)

Queen:     2021

Hive Name:  Sask2

Hive details:

    - 10 Frame Langstroth

    - Stack:  Medium,Medium,Medium,Medium

    - Winterization:

         Cozy with reflectix covering the top so no snow gets in.

         upper entrance : None

         lower entrance : 1.8"x 3/8"

         hive stand base wrapped with Reflectix


       - colony started with upper entrance blocked by outer cover and ~2.5" lower entrance.

        - 10/29/22 @ ~3:30-3:45pm: flipped inner cover & adjusted top-mid (aka Custom(3)) sensor to be on slot 9.   Had found that there was an open slot betweeen the inner cover and box 4 in the front due to the sensor pushing up the inner cover

       ~ 11/1/22 - removed under inner cover and custom(1) sensor as they were showing odd humidity readings.  moved another sensor to cusom(1) position.

         - 11/9/2022 @ ~10am : wrapped hive stand in reflectix

         - 11/12/22@ noon: returned sensors to under inner cover & added shim with weather stripping - total height between 1 1/2"--> 1 3/4" depending on compression of weather stripping.

         - 11/17/22 ~ noon - wrapped colony & installed entrance reducers


A sensor was added to this colony - so there is a temp sensor on the West side (labeled as Above Upper Brood box so the graphs look OK), and an RH sensor on the north, south & east sides




Live Stream

Sensor location notes: 

    "Above Lower Brood Box" = box 2, frame 5, 2" from front (south side)

     "Custom(1)"  = box 2, frame 5, 2" from back (north side)

     "Under Inner Cover" = box 4, frame 5, 2" from front (south side)

     "Custom(2)" = box 4, frame 5, 2"  from back (north side)

     "Other" = box 4, frame 8, 2" from east side

     "Above Upper Brood Box" = box 4, frame 2, 2" from West side


    "Outside" (pink line) is not from a sensor. It data pulled by broodminder from a weather data site

frames are counted from left to right when facing the front of the colony

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