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County:  Rockingham

Town:  Portsmouth

Source:  Overwintered Colony

Queen:     left behind after 6/9/23 swarm

Hive Name:  Hillman-6

Hive details:

    - 8 Frame Langstroth

    - Stack:  Slatted Rack, Deep, Deep, 1 1/2" shim, 1x6" quiltbox 

    - Colony faces South

    - Winterization:

         Outer Cover:  Telescoping standard cover

         Bottom Board: closed with mite board

         Top Insulation: 2" foam board in/above quilt box (no inner cover)

         Moisture System: 1x6" home made quilt box above shim

               - 1/4" hardware cloth bottom,

               - TSC pine shavings,

               - 1" vents (4 on each long side) (Vents were plugged ~ 12/22/23)

               - ~3 1/2" of shavings in the box

         Wrap:  Bee cozy 

         Upper Entrance : 3/4" hole (in the shim)

         Lower Entrance : 3/4”x 3/8” (standard small entrance reducer) with two brad nails driven down center



- strong colony

- 11/3/23 : quilt boxes installed

- 11/11/23:   winterized colony - lower entrance  = 8x 3/8" holes mouse guard

- 12/8/23 : reduced lower entrance  3/4" x 3/8" 

- 12/16-17/23:  added weight to top of colony

                    wrapped colony in reflectix which created a skirt around the base

- 12/22/23: reduced top entrance hole to 3/8"

  ~ 12/22/23: plugged quilt box holes with foam and zipp tape

- 12/26/23 : checked moisture box - wet - changed shavings.

   (note - the apiary is near wetlands with standing water)

- 1/26/24:  tried to replace quilt box with insulation - but too many bees clinging on the bottom of the quiltbox.  put in sugar brick. changed shavings as they were wet







Taken on 54F day with cozy removed

quilt box 


Live Stream

   There are 2   sensors in the colony:

        - Temp only  - above lower broodbox 

                Blue in the temperature graph


        - Temp + Humidity above upper broodbox 

                Black in the temperature graph

                Blue in the Relative Humidity graph

  "Outside" (pink line) is not from a sensor. It data pulled by broodminder from a weather data site

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