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County:  Belknap

Town:  Meredith

Source:  Overwintered colony

Queen:     July 1, 2023

Hive Name:  Meredith-3

Hive details:

    - 10 Frame Langstroth

    - Stack:   Deep,  2" feeding shim,

    - NO inner Cover

    - Feeding Shim has hardware cloth on the inside of the shim so there isn't a gap.

    - Colony faces south-east

    - Winterization:

         Outer Cover: Migratory

         Bottom Board: closed

         Top Insulation: 4" polystyrene

         Moisture System: None

         Wrap:  2" Polystyrene with tarp loosely wrapped around it, sistered next to another colony

         Upper Entrance :  No

         Lower Entrance : 1.5" x 3/8"




- 11/25/23:   winterized colony

-1/25/24 @~2:30-3pm : checked colony - all buzzing,

4/9/24- Sugar block added 

1.5 frames egg/larva, 0 frames capped brood, 6 frames of bees. 

Moisture/mold on bottom board. 

Mold on first frame/wall of box. 

1 frame honey on last frame

Colony made upper entrance on front right and left side of box.










Live Stream

   There are 1 sensor in the colony:

        - Temp & Humidity :  above upper broodbox - 


  "Outside" (pink line) is not from a sensor. It data pulled by broodminder from a weather data site

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