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Hive Rockingham-5

County:  Rockingham

Bee Race:  Italian

Source:  Package

Queen:     1st Year

Hive Name: 5 Five A

Hive details:

    - 10 Frame Langstroth

    - 20" off the ground

    - hive entrance:  perforated metal mouse guard

    - upper entrance:  3/4"

    - bottom board : closed with foil covered insulation board

    - Stack (bottom to top):

         deep,deep,inner cover, moisture vent system

     - Winterization:

             1/2" foil covered insulation board, Quilt boxes with shavings

            and four 1" vent holes above the shavings


12/2/2020 Added scale under bottom broodchamber

12/5/2020 Removed bulk feeding super

12/6/2020 Oxalic Acid treatment and Installed quilt box

12/11/2020 Added foil covered foam board on all four sides.

1/17/2021 Hive received 1 Lb of fondant.

1/21/2021 Pulled probe due to high humidity failure.Dried out wrapperand let chip stand in the dryness of a warm house.  No apparent moisture on PC board. Used Apiary app to verify normal reading before re-installation in the hive.

1/29/2021 Tapped around the bottom of the quilt box to seal up from any drafts.  All this to increase hive humidity and reduce heating load on colony.

2/22/2021 Opened hive to add fondant.

3/11/21 Removed winter inner cover and added a medicine shim and standard inner cover with entrance facing up.  Bees very active.

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