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Hive Rockingham-6

County:  Rockingham

Bee Race:  Italian

Source:  Spring NUC

Queen:     1st Year

Hive Name: 6 Six A

Hive details:

    - 10 Frame Langstroth

    - 20" off the ground

    - hive entrance: Perforated plate mouse guard

    - upper entrance:  3/4"

    - bottom board : Closed using foil covered foam board

    - Stack (bottom to top):

         deep,deep,inner cover, moisture vent system

     - Winterization:

              1/2" Foam board

              quilt box which uses shavings and 4 1" diameter vents


12/2/2020 Added Scale under bottom brood chamber

12/5/2020 Removed bulk feeding super.

12/6/2020 Oxalic Acid treatment and Installed quilt box

12/11/2020 Added foil covered foam board on all four sides.

1/17/2021 Hive received 1 Lb of fondant.

1/29/2021 Taped up three of four vent holes in quilt box.  Also tapped around the bottom of the quilt box to seal up from any drafts.  All this to increase hive humidity and reduce heating load on colony.

2/17/2021 Noted that hive 6 mostly and other hives to some extent left the hive doing cleansing flights  Snow and hive covered with brown dots.  a couple hundred dead bees in the snow.  Note hive humidity rise and temperature drop.

2/22/2021  Opened hive to feed fondant  Removed tape used to Block quilt box vents previously added  Shavings damp.

3/11/2021 Removed winter inner cover and added a medicine shim and standard inner cover with entrance facing up.  Bees very active.

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