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Hive Merrimack-1

County:  Merrimack

Bee Race:  Italian

Source:  Split from over wintered colony

Queen:     1st Year

Hive Name: Bob

Hive details:

    - 10 Frame Langstroth

    - 8" off the ground

    - hive entrance: 1/2 inch high, 3 inches long

    - upper entrance: 1/2 inch W X 1/4 inch H

    - bottom board : solid bottom board

    - Stack (bottom to top):

         deep,deep,deep,insulation,2 inch polystyrene,inner cover,

     - Winterization:

              1" Polystyrene under hive, 2" Polystyrene on top, wintering

               inner cover, hive wrapped in 2 inch polystyrene



    - 2/24/21 - Bees are looking strong, no sign of moisture issues

   - 3/7/21  - sensor battery died

   - 3/27/21  - Hive declined quite a bit since last check; moved to a NUC and replaced the queen.


2/24/21 : no sign of mold or moisture

Live Stream

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