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Hive Belknap-1

County:  Belknap

Bee Race:  Carni

Source:   2020 Package

Queen:     1st Year

Hive Name:  Carn20P

Hive details:

    - 10 Frame Langstroth

    - 8" off the ground

    - hive entrance:  2"x1"

    - upper entrance:  1" x 1/2"

    - open bottom board wrapped with Reflectix

    - Stack (bottom to top):


         candyboard, inner cover, homosote board, 2" insulation

     - Winterization:

              homemade bee cozy (3/4" polystyrene + marine vinyl),

             reflectix wrapped around bottom, 2" insulation on top

     - Other Notes:

            - candy board has a front entrance along a hole in the middle

             to improve airflow in the hive (see picture)

            - 1/30/21 - blocked the candy board front entrance, closed

            the hive entrance down to 1/2" x1/2", and pulled the cozy up to just under the candy board

            - 2/1/21 battery died on the temp/humidity sensor - replace battery 

            - 2/8/21 temp/humidity sensor was dead again on  - swapped it out for a new one

            - 2/13/21 - bees took cleansing flights

            - 2/16/21 - downsized upper entrance to ~1/4" x1/4"

            - 2/23/21 - top of cluster is directly under the probe

            - 2/25/21: added 2nd probe under candy board on right side  (Listed as "other" in the live stream)

            - 2/26/21:  added 3rd probe between homosote board & top insulation (listed as "outside hive" in the live stream)

            - 3/7/21 :  Hive was dead - small cluster froze in cold temps


Candy Board

Live Stream

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