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Lee-Hive 1

County:  Strafford

Town:  Lee

Source:  2023 Spring NUC

Queen:     Queen replaced June 17, 2023

Hive Name:  Lee-Hive-1

Hive details:

    - 10 Frame Langstroth

    - Stack:  Slatted Rack, Deep, Deep,  Medium, Inner Cover

    - Colony faces South

    - Winterization:

         Outer Cover:  Mann Lake Winter Cover

         Bottom Board: closed with mite board

         Top Insulation: above inner cover has  3" of polystyrene

         Moisture System: The wintering cover has a 3/8 by 1/2 entrance of which gives the bees access through the center hole in the inner cover hole in the center. This allows the upper entrance in the inner cover to be closed and still allow airflow through the beehive.

         Wrap:  Bee Cozy over Colony Quilt (R 11.7)

         Upper Entrance : currently closed

         Lower Entrance : 3/8" x 5/8"



- Plan to do a vaporization in December

- 11/20/23:   winterized colony -   upper entrance is closed. Will open to 1/2" x 3/8" at some point during winter; Will add ¾” x ¾” shim when bees are up








Live Stream

   There are 1 Temp/Humidity  sensor in the colony:

            Under the inner cover              


  "Outside" (pink line) is not from a sensor. It data pulled by broodminder from a weather data site

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