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Stalker - North Facing

County:  Belknap

Bee Race:  Northern

Source:  Overwintered colony

Queen:     2021 queen  raised by colony

Hive Name:  Stalker

Hive details:

    - Faces North

    - 10 Frame Langstroth

    - Stack:  Medium,Medium,Medium,Medium, 1.5" feeding shim

    - Winterization:

         colony quilts + Bee cozy with reflectix covering the top so no snow gets in.

         upper entrance : 1/2"x3/8" with a wind block

         lower entrance : 1/2 oval - 1" x3/8" - on east side

         hive stand base wrapped with Reflectix


- 11/5/23 : All sensors installed (ignore "custom(7)" data before this date)

- 11/11/23 : reduced lower entrance and have it on east side of colony

                              wrapped base.

 - 11/21/2023 : wrapped with colony quilt & cozy at ~ 2pm.  Added 3" of insulation above inner cover.  Bees were down - could only see a few bees looking down from top.


put a "temp-only" above inner cover - below the insulation.  It is  on the east side of the hole in the middle of the cover






November 21, 2023 @ 6am  (~17F in apiary)

South side 

North side 

East side 


West side 

Live Stream

Sensor location notes: 

      "South" sensors - frame5, 2" from south side woodenware

      "North" sensor - frame 5, 2" from north side woodenware

       "East" sensor -  frame 8, 2" from east side woodenware

       "West" sensor - frame 2, 2" from west side woodenware


frames are counted from left to right when facing the front of the colony

    "Outside" (pink line) is not from a sensor. It data pulled by broodminder from a weather data site

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