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Hive Sask2 - PolyStyrene

County:  Belknap

Bee Race:  Saskatraz

Source:  2021 Package

Queen:     1st Year

Hive Name:  Sask2

Hive details:

    - 10 Frame Langstroth

    - Wrapped on 11/4/21

    - Stack:  Medium,Medium,Medium,Medium

    - Winterization:

          1/2" Polystyrene wrapped with dark green marine vinyl.

         closed bottom board with 1/2" polystyrene &

         wrapped hive stand with reflectix

        3" foam board insulation on top of inner cover

          bottom entrance : 1" x 1/4"

          top entrance : 1/4"x1/4"


        - sensor "outside hive" is the one between the wrap & woodenware

        - sensor "above lower broodbox" is above box 2 in stack.

        - ignore all data before 11/4 data for sensor "outside the hive"

        - candyboard added on 12/16/21. Candyboard is same as Sask1 & Ital1

        except that I used weatherstripping instead of Reflectix

        - 12/17/21  - bees flying and using both entrances.

        - colony gets direct sun from ~8:30-2:45 in the winter

        - 1/12/22 - candy board had mostly been consumed.

          added ~ 1.25 lbs sugar bricks on north side of candy board because

         bees were covering almost all of the candy board, front to back, left

         to right

        - 2/3/22  - bees flying @ 1pm  using upper entrance

        - 2/10/22 - no bricks left, added 2-10oz sugar bricks on south side

        - 2/23/22 - no bricks, add ~10 oz on north side; cleansing flights using both entrances

        - 3/2/22 - no bricks left, added 1/2 global pollen patty on south side; ~8 oz brick on north side

       - 3/10/22 - sunny, fully opened top entrance during the day (closed after 5pm). bees using both entrances. added another 1/2 pollen patty and 8 oz brick.

       - 3/11/22 - cloudy/filtered sun. Opened upper entrance during the day - bees using both entrances



Live Stream

Sensor location notes:  "Outside hive" is the the woodenware sensor

 "Outside" (pink line) is not from a sensor. It data pulled by broodminder from a weather data site.

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