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Hive Strafford1

County:  Strafford

Bee Race:  Northern

Source:   Over Wintered Hive

Queen:     New - 9/24/2020

Hive Name: Hive 1

Hive details:

    - 10 Frame Langstroth

    - 8" off the ground

    - hive entrance:  3/8" x 1/2"

    - upper entrance:  3/8" x 1/2"

    - closed bottom board

    - Stack (bottom to top):

         Deep, deep, medium, inner cover, moisture vent system

     - Winterization:

              bee cozy, colony quilt, winter inner cover

              2" insulation on top


     1-15-21 A cleansing flight occurred - upper and lower entrance.

     1-27-21  added a 12.55 lb candy board with Bee Pro on top

     3-9-21    Bees Flying Top entrance

     3-12-21   Open fed pollen

                  Fed 1 lb. Fondant, Fed 1/4 Lb. Pollen Patty

     3-21-21   Removed inner cover

                  Changed mite boards

                  Natural Pollen Green, Light Yellow

     4-4-21     Fed 1/8 Lb. Pollen Patty

                  Natural Pollen Green, Light Yellow Red Maple, Light Brown

                  Candy Board Dry

Lee_10FrameHiveInfrared110420web - Copy.

Before Wrapping

LeeFlir012021Hive 1.jpg

Jan 20, 2021

Heat loss at inner cover and upper entrance

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